How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets 

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What are “featured snippets”?

Featured Snippets are the longer snippets that show up on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages. Google’s featured snippets are meant to answer the user’s question right on the results page.

How to get your site into the featured snippets

If you see a competitor’s website in a featured snippet, you should ask yourself:

How do I get one of those featured snippets for my site?

Here’s what to do first.

1. Find the featured snippets of your competitors.

Put the URL of a competitor into the tool and take a glance at the keyword groups that own featured snippets.

1.Export the list.

2.List them into different types.

3.Sort them by how often people look for them.

4.Focus on the low KD score.

5.and gather all of them together to start planning.

6.Copy this content calendar template to begin planning, putting your content into action, and making it rank-friendly.

Know the searcher’s intent:

When optimizing for featured snippets, one of the crucial factors to think about is the search intent behind these queries.

People look for your keywords in three ways:

1.Consumers who might buy

2.Influencers who influence people to buy from you and the other businesses.

The first two will have text that you will write. Each person will search for different things, but the results will always be useful.

Since there is only one type of search intent for a featured snippet, I chose to split them into four groups based on what they want:

1. clear answer.

2. concise answer.

3. comparison.

4. video.

Make or change the outline of the content:

If you’re going to write new content, you need to make an outline first. And if you’ve already written the piece, you may have to change the outline based on what you’ve learned.

Make better content than your competitors:

1.Cover the basic data that users expect to find in content based on what they searched for and what they were looking for.

2.Use statistics, rich media, examples, tips, etc. to add more useful information than other blogs.

3.Write in simple, short phrases to make your writing easier to read.

4.Focus more on content based on facts than on opinions. 

Check the content:

Once the content is ready, make sure it fits your needs and those of your target audience.

1.User search intent

2.Targeted keywords.

3.Ideas are listed.

This check is important to make sure you are heading in the right direction to get a featured snippet.

Sort your content for both people and search engines:

Users and search engines can quickly scan, read, and comprehend well-organized content.

Put the keywords in the heading tags:

If you want to get featured snippets, you need to organize your content and add question keywords to the heading tags.

Choose popular search terms for heading tags. Most Google featured snippets follow a heading tag.

Add the right pictures:

If you want to own a featured snippet, graphics are very important, particularly for paragraph- and listicle-style featured snippets.

Try using photographs of real people or visuals you developed to improve the user experience and prevent them from looking generic.

Implement SEO tactics:

Users can now access your content. Now you’ll need to help Google quickly figure out what the page is about.

Here are some SEO strategies for featured snippets that work:

Perfect URL structure: 

Keep your URLs short—three or four words is best.

Title tag: 

1.Create a catchy title tag that fits the pixel need.

2.And write meta descriptions that are user-focused and keyword-specific to get the most clicks.

3.Use question-related keywords in heading tags, as we’ve already discussed.

4.Internal links will help Google find the most essential pages on your site. 

If you get a featured snippet, you want to use it to help your best pages rise in the rankings.

Links to other sites: 

Tell Google which other sites you trust, and use citations to show that you are a reliable source.

Schema markup tags: 

Help Google figure out what the page is about and understand things like tables.

Link building:

 Make links to help Google figure out how credible your site is.

Continue to improve your content until you get a featured snippet:

Check the featured snippet results frequently. Monitor impressions, rankings, CTR, traffic, and visibility in Google Search Console.


The format of Google’s “featured snippet” is centered on providing users with information on Google itself. But it’s not possible to show everything in 40–45 words. 

So, they can be a great way to get more free traffic to your site.

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