Leverage Keyword Research for Product Naming

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If you are aware of the things that people are seeking, you will be able to tailor the name of your product to closely meet their requirements. You will also make it more likely that people will hear about your products and buy them.

It is not always simple to decide on names for products. The question now is how to choose an appropriate name for the product. Keyword research can help you resolve this.

To ensure that you have a thorough understanding of product naming, we will walk you through everything there is to know about it.

What Is an Appropriate Product Name? How to do Keyword Research for the same?

A good product name is simple and memorable. How do you remember a hard-to-pronounce product name? If the product’s name doesn’t tell me what it does, people will check out your competitors.

Your team won’t have the best branding strategy if you don’t. Online search terms show what someone wants to find. Google is adept at figuring out what users want based on their queries and their surroundings.

You can search for your product or a category of products to see what keywords they share. The first few results may have similar points. When searching for intent, don’t just look at the top results.

Google has “people also asked” and “related searches.” Both provide customer feedback on your product. Here are some tips to keep in mind when naming your next product:

Make it Pertinent:

Consider the product’s category. It’s a search term for similar items. Try to include as many category names as possible in the product name.

Putting a category in the name of a product can increase clicks from people interested in that category. SEO is one way to build your brand.

Tools and Search Engines:

Find it hard to think of keywords in your field?

Find the right name using a keyword generator. It’s easy to use, has a smooth interface, and gives keyword information. It shows related words, SEO difficulty, volume, and more, plus suggested keywords.

YouTube, the second-largest search engine, is also great. Search YouTube for popular keywords. It generates brand names. YouTube’s auto-suggest feature will show you similar searches.

Don’t be vague:

Yes, of course, that random word could feel catchy, but if it falls into some other category, it will hurt your organic SERPs ranking. Words that aren’t clear can mean more than one thing. Keep the product names simple and to the point.

Check out the following teams:

It never hurts to look at what your rivals are doing. You can understand what people say about your competitors. This will tell you what their audience thinks of their weaknesses and strengths. Which are the most common things people complain about? You can use the reviews to set your product apart from those of your competitors.

Stay positive:

Stay positive. Words and their meanings can change from one country to another. If you want to promote your product all over the world, you should think about how the name will sound to people from other cultures. You’d be surprised by how many corporate brands change the names of their products in different countries.

Discover what they desire and assume:

Instead of guessing what your market wants, ask. Send clients an email survey to learn more about your audience. If you don’t have an email list, use social media!

See what followers clicked and watched to learn more about them. Interest polls should be posted. Send DMs to the page’s most active users.  By polling your active followers, you can learn what they think of your products.

Name your products in ways that will work in the future: 

You’ve gone through all the SEO hoops and now have a name for your product that you can use. Make sure that name will last forever!

Check again to see if anyone has already taken the name you want for your social media profile. This will help you avoid any SEO or social problems in the future.

This is very important if you wish not to be linked with someone who has a bad reputation, especially if that individual uses a similar account name as your product.


Creating catchy product names is effortless. SEO can help you build a brand that speaks to your audience. Choose a pertinent, optimistic, and clear brand name. If your product’s name includes a category title, great. Your product could very well rank higher with the right name. Higher rankings increase traffic and revenue.

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