Search Beyond Search: The Biggest Opportunity in Digital Marketing

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “search”? We are going to guess that you are thinking of Google. However, your search options are not limited to just Google. If you want to be successful with Google, you need to think outside of the traditional SEO and PPC advertising boxes because those are the strategies that everyone else is using.

Trending searches:

Even though it’s talked about less these days, people still consider searching to be extremely important. Traditional communication methods, like email and search engines, are still held in high regard by most people. Another useful search tip that you most likely were not aware of is the following: 15% of searches on Google are brand new.

It’s absurd to think that, considering that Google and SEO have been around for some time.

According to Google, consumers go through a variety of feelings while looking for products online, which ultimately results in a purchase.

What are marketers doing these days? They produce a substantial amount of content to cater to each stage of the consumer acquisition process.

Your content will work against you if it fails to consistently help people or if it contains errors. You stood out in spite of the fact that there was insufficient substance. No longer, however.

Do we require the services of another writer on this subject? Unless the industry undergoes a significant transformation.

When you produce content revolving around a particular keyword, what do you believe will occur as a result? You might have something to say that nobody else has… You will reaffirm what has already been said by others.

Not just Google:

Ask whether your favorite platforms offer a search function. Search your typical platforms. YouTube has movie clips, and Pinterest has city photos. Instagram has photos of restaurants and cuisine. If you ignore trends and don’t adapt, you’ll lose.

What’s the chance?

There are ways to set yourself apart from other people that do not require you to spend additional money, which is impractical. Even Google is able to change with the times.

You might want to try some new searches. Since the majority of SEO tools concentrate on “popular” terms, they are of no use. The volume of the keywords is shown here. The search phrases that are used at the bottom of the funnel, in the center of the funnel, and at the top of the funnel are not everything.

What about targeting phrases that are just starting to gain popularity?

These keywords are easy to rank for and will gain popularity. How can you identify them if SEO algorithms prioritize popular, competitive terms? You use Google Suggest. These are search phrases that most tools miss.


Having some coverage is better than having none, regardless of whether the algorithms favor you or not.  The use of omnichannel marketing is beneficial. 

When an individual is exposed to your brand on multiple occasions, they are more likely to promote it and purchase it.


It has a 24-hour focus. Videos that do well in the first 24 hours rank higher and get suggested more. Notifications, emails, and SMS messages should be sent when your YouTube video is live.


It loves comments. When you post on LinkedIn, have individuals with comparable audiences comment within 4 hours. The comment must be 12 words or more. If I post on LinkedIn about 5 techniques to rank higher on Google, a friend may comment on a 6th strategy.


It is very comment-oriented, much like LinkedIn. It is required that you comment using relevant terminology. You should encourage people to leave comments on your video as soon as it is published, like on LinkedIn.


You’ll get more reach and followers, and the performance of the other content you produce will improve if you develop live videos with influential people and make sure your content is excellent. So go live once a week.


It prefers videos that are longer. More people watched videos that were five minutes long.

The peak-end rule for brand building:

A fantastic product or service is the foundation for an outstanding brand. After that, what?


How consumers feel about your brand is crucial. People have positive and negative brand experiences. Ensure they have a nice first encounter with your product or service. Make sure they have a great time at the conclusion. Always ask your customers how you can make your product or service better. It helps you create emotional peaks.

Praveena Sasidharan
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