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Software Testing

Functional Testing

Retentia's meticulous functional testing services are your gateway to bug-free, user-centric software. We delve deep into every feature, from core functionalities to intricate interactions, ensuring a seamless journey for your users. Our rigorous approach utilizes cutting-edge technology and experienced QA analysts to guarantee your software delivers its promise with every click, every tap, and every interaction.

Automation Testing: Leverage the power of Selenium, Cypress, and Appium frameworks to automate regression testing, API testing, and functional regression suites.

Manual Testing: Our skilled QA analysts employ exploratory testing, black-box testing, and edge-case scenarios to uncover hidden defects in complex workflows.

Regression Testing: Implement automated smoke tests and regression suites to safeguard against regressions, ensuring new features don't disrupt existing functionality.

Mobile Application Testing: Employ device labs and emulators to conduct cross-platform testing using frameworks, including Kobiton and Calabasha, across diverse operating systems, screen sizes, and network conditions.

“ Our precise test automation and meticulous manual testing ensure your software delivers on its promise with every click, every tap, and every interaction. ”

Business Advantages

Cost Optimization

Enhanced user satisfaction

Improved software quality

Faster Go-to-Market

Reduced Risk and Uncertainty


Questions & Answers

What types of software do you test?

AWe handle a wide spectrum! Our expertise covers web applications, mobile apps (both native and hybrid), desktop applications, APIs, and even embedded systems. No matter the platform, we have the skills to ensure its flawless functionality.

What tools and frameworks do you utilize?

We're a tech-savvy bunch! We leverage industry-leading frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, and Appium for automation, while employing tools like Katalon Studio and BDD frameworks (Cucumber) for comprehensive test case management. Additionally, we utilize API testing tools like Postman and SoapUI to guarantee seamless data flow.

How do you handle test case management?

Collaboration is key! We utilize platforms like TestRail and JIRA to foster streamlined test case creation, assignment, execution, and tracking. Think of it as a transparent control center for all your testing needs.

Can you customize testing solutions?

Absolutely! We believe in flexibility. We tailor our testing approach to your specific project requirements, budget, and technology stack, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs.

How do you integrate testing into the development lifecycle?

We champion agility! We advocate for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices, seamlessly integrating rigorous testing throughout the development process. This translates to faster go-to-market times and bug-free experiences for your users.